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“Ms. Donovan has keen insight and intuition, which allowed her to tease apart nuances of information that were crucial to successful outcomes for us. Over the last decade, Jennifer has seen us through custody, divorces, property divisions, student loan issues, and estate work. She is an honorary and valuable member of our family! And we adore her!”

Emma and Ozzie

From the beginning of my court proceeding, I have been impressed with my lawyer. It can be a scary experience to go through any legal proceeding and it’s important to have a great team standing behind you. Jennifer is very honest, knowledgeable, caring, and reliable. I would highly recommend!

It was a difficult and scary decision to make to hire a lawyer and pursue my rights as a single father. I had a couple of other consultations before deciding on Jennifer Donovan. I felt a sense of ease with her knowledge and honesty. She laid out all of my options and kept the best interest of my child the primary focus throughout my pursuit and was very clear on what I was up against. I wanted a fair custody arrangement resolved out of court and that’s exactly how it turned out. Very pleased!